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03.04.2015 05:16, Christi from Morago E-mail Homepage :
Really desired to express I'm just happy I happened onto your page.

Here is my website ... acai power účinky

08.11.2012 16:28, fernando gonzalez from españa E-mail :
necesito ayuda para el bombardier 700/900, lo he descargado y no logro verlo. gracias

09.12.2011 02:58, abdul from Melbourne Australia E-mail :
Hi I have seen your panel on the net. I am flying 777 simulator form PSS 777 (sadly PSS is not in business and we can't fly this marvalous art in FSX)
I am just wandering is your panel does accept key commands for example for overhead and all other inputs?

12.09.2011 18:51, Micke from Sweden E-mail :
The 737NG panels does not work after install. The two planes are empty in VC and the 737-800 panels has not changed.

Please advice.


09.06.2011 19:01, Omar Skinner from E-mail :
I need the password to enter the pdf for installation instructions and how to use panels! Thanks

13.02.2011 16:11, James from Jj E-mail :
Your 737 panel is awesome! Is there a way to merger with the overland 737 in fsx?

28.09.2010 03:41, Anders "Ernst" Gidlund from Uppsala, Schweden E-mail :
Ive just bought your Boeing 737 Deluxe package and ran the installer without any problem, but when I load the B737 in FSX I got no VC at all? Can only see the plane in plain black behind me. Did followed the installere exactly. Can you help me, please.

Best regards Anders Gidlund, Uppsala, Sweden

24.03.2010 07:49, KEVIN BERLYN from Australia E-mail :
Hello From Australia
I am currently using your NPsimpanel Bombardier. I have made a simulator and I have built an overhead panel. How do I find the offsets for your panel buttons so I can associate thm with a switch in my overhead

09.03.2010 21:24, VIctor Bretones from (***** E-mail :

02.03.2010 20:46, David Talarico from Florida USA BAby E-mail :
Your 777 panel works very well nice planes also great value. If any one needs help with it i can make it work great just ask me via email Remember to install it to fsim directory default path is wrong for 64bit computers

Page: 1, 2 >
Entries: 14
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